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Tutu Ballet

GHAZIANI sculptures are certified original works of art, created using the lost wax casting process, which dates back 3,000 years. The GHAZIANI brand has enhanced this process it by adding new techniques and using modern tools and new technologies, in order to take the art world to new heights. Each artwork is signed by our commissioned and published artist, and bears the registered trademark GHAZIANI seal, a crest with two lions holding the letter G in the center.

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Product Details

Tutu Ballet - GHAZIANI Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
Approximate size - 8"H x 10"W x 12"L
Bronze Mounted on marble

GHAZIANI collaborates with local and international artists and craftsmen in creating high end luxury bronze sculptures. Our sculptures are published by our company, so they are unique, one-of-a-kind works of art. We utilize the highest grade bronze and precious stones in producing our unique pieces.

From just an idea sketched on paper, to the final fired patina, our company overlooks every step of the process of creating our sculptures, ensuring that the end result meets the GHAZNIANI standard. GHAZIANI creations are direct collaborations with the world's most gifted artists and renowned craftsmen, who are accomplishing their passions through GHAZIANI facilities and historic ateliers. The process of creating each piece of art is long and delicate.

Product Selling Benefits

GHAZIANI - Timeless Luxury
Our sculptures are a luxury product, created to appeal to customers with a classical or contemporary aesthetic. Not only do we offer the highest quality sculptures, but our unique artwork is created to last hundreds of years and be passed down through generations. These sculptures are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing for our pieces.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Looking for distribution opportunities only (retailers, wholesalers)
Patent / IP Status:Copyright/Trademark
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:< 100
Suggested Retail Price:$6,800.00 To $8,895.00
Wholesale Price:N/A
Estimated Cost/Unit:N/A
Minimum Order/Units:20
Prior Sales Activity:Galleries, online sales

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