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DIETWARE | Portion Control Tableware

Dietware is a high-quality, smaller than normal place set, controlling portions and ultimately calories... perfect tools for any weight plan.

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Product Details

Dieting is a collaborative process involving good ideas and support. The process takes time and represents a long-term investment in healthy living. Successful weight loss also involves eating with the correct tools, like portion control tableware.

Dietware fills the gap the diet industry has been missing for years: a comprehensive, sustainable portion control product.

What is Dietware? Dietware is an ensemble of high-quality, smaller than normal tableware. The everyday place setting that curbs portions and ultimately calories. Dietware physically reins servings yet gives the illusion little has changed. The 10-piece set manages portions for every meal – like a guardian food angel.

Once we embrace tiny tableware, we no longer think about it because it becomes our conditioned eating habit. Three months, six months, a year from now and we won’t think twice about using Dietware. It’s now routine; we trained our body and mind to do with less!

Portion control is an essential member of the weight-loss triangle. We tend to think of weight loss involving only exercise and healthy food choices. But the third, and equally important, component is reducing quantity.

How does it help? Dietware subtly changes our eating habits. If we have a big plate, we are trained to fill it. If we eat with a big spoon, we put more on it. We have done this our entire lives – we can’t help it. Conversely, petite plates mean smaller servings, and small utensils mean smaller bites. This translates into fewer calories, and this is the power of Dietware. Portion control reduces the habit of “piling on”– there’s simply nowhere to put it.

Let’s compare two plate sizes: 6” vs. 8”. When the area is calculated for each plate, we find a 6” plate is 44% less! Use Dietware with each meal, every day, all month, and reduced calories add up significantly.

Bottom line: Dietware is a long-term, natural solution when it comes to weight management. Controlling portions through stylish, petite tableware works well with any diet or maintenance strategy.

Product Selling Benefits

DIETWARE | Nordic Blend

The Dietware design arrives in the style of Scandinavian simplicity. Smooth, subtle curves, and crisp lines offer a gentle flow reminiscent of a fjordland cascade; and with silvery-gray blends yielding to a snowy-white allure, visual tranquility arrives with every meal.

All Dietware utensils are quality 18-10 stainless steel, providing a quality luster. The fork and spoon use American steel, meet ASTM standards, and are tested to ensure no lead or trace toxins are present.

The plates and bowls are sturdy, durable melamine with the same quality found in upscale restaurants. Its light, break-resistant structure is ideal for the home, office, and outdoors. All melamine Dietware is NSF certified assuring FDA approved materials, factory audits, performance testing, and resistance to harboring bacteria.

Dietware reduces portions 18% compared to normal tableware.

• Fork & Spoon: 5.5”
• Knife: 7”
• Drinkware cup: 8 oz. – glass-like acrylonite
• Breakfast bowl: 8 oz.
• Breakfast plate: 5.5”
• Lunch plate: 6.5”
• Dinner plate: 7.5”
• Dessert bowl: 6 oz.
• Weekly candy bowl: 2 oz.

Total weight: 3 lbs.

Why not just use smaller plate and bowls already in the kitchen cupboard?

Quite simply, the inexpensive method doesn’t work. It won’t be consistent, and the user eventually returns to their normal habits. The Nordic Blend design, and all-inclusive place set, delivers a clear reminder to “stay the course”.

There is no need to race into portion control. Hastiness quickly wears out the novelty leading to resentment. We must allow ourselves small eating victories in order to accept the diet’s overall terms. Consider adding a new, smaller tableware piece once a week, twice a month, or monthly.

Dietware reduces the need for expensive diet plans, fancy shakes, and magical girdles. It's the dieter's loyal and trustworthy friend.

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