You gain exposure to thousands of companies seeking innovative products available for wholesale, license, or acquisition.


In addition to the visibility benefits, we will also facilitate the product due diligence reviews and contract negotiations & signing.

No Contract

We do not lock your product into a contract that limits your ability to market or sell through other channels.

It's Free

There are no upfront costs to list products. We only ask for a small commission if you accept an offer and revenue is generated. No risk involved.

"MatchProduct is one of the first places we look for new products available for license, wholesale or acquisition."

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Our Network's Reach

Listing on MatchProduct means that your product will gain exposure to a wide range of companies that have a collective reach into most of the large retailers across North America.

Types of Companies


Most manufacturing companies are on the lookout for new inventions to grow and diversify their existing product lines which set them apart from their competitors.


Distributors are equipped to bring products to market through their existing supply chain. Adding exclusive products to their offering is extremely desirable.

Infomercial Companies

Always looking for the next hit product to feature on TV, DRTV and Infomercial companies are hungry for new inventions that solve common problems.


Retailers fill their store shelves with products that fill their customers’ needs and desires. By including innovative, sought-after products, they bring customers in their doors.

Reps & Brokers

Reps & Brokers are uniquely positioned between sellers and buyers, giving them a large potential audience for presenting inventions for license or distribution.

Trade Shows

Tradeshows are a way to bring “buyers” and “sellers” together under one roof. Featuring innovative products is one way to boost excitement and attendance.

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To get started, just sign up and begin listing products. There are no upfront costs to sign up or list products. The only cost is a small commission if and when you accept an offer and the product begins generating income for you. A MatchProduct listing will bring great exposure to your product. However, for even more exposure and direct submissions to targeted companies, consider signing up for InventionHome's Product Alerts program called HotLinks.
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