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Meat Juice Extractor

A product that captures the juices that roast meats produce during baking in the oven/BBQ

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Product Details

It is constructed of a glass vessel that holds 10 Fl oz of liquid,
It is attached to the baking tray with a tube protruding from the bottom that transfers the juices from the tray to the vessel.
This is achieved by using thermal physics, by way of the oven temperature heating the air in the glass vessel, sealed except for the tube protruding into the bottom of the tray, about 350 deg for roasts.
Once the meat is cooked the tray containing the meat & the vessel with the tube emersed in the juice, is removed into the cool air, room temp, the air in the vessel cools creating a vacuum.
As the only opening to the vessel is emersed in the liquid, it is sucked into the vessel replacing the air volume with the meat juices.

Product Selling Benefits

The main goal is to collect the stock from the roast to be added to a gravy or sauce to increase the flavor.
The process allows the unwanted oils, which do not blend into the gravy, to separate in the vessel and float to the top.
When designing the product, it was necessary to drain the stock from the bottom, as seen on the youtube video.
The desired stock is added to the gravy by turning the tube which aligns holes allowing the seal to break releasing the contents.
Other benefits aside from health, is the novelty, enhanced taste of the gravy, juice will not contaminate other foods in the dish ie. potatos ect, cheap, easy to clean.
Could also be used as a promotional item for the meat industry, mainly chicken.

Products Specs

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