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Backseat Belt Buddy

The Backseat Belt Buddy is a new and easy to use device that can help to put an end to the unnecessary deaths that are occurring throughout our country by children and animals being left alone in vehicles. This device easily attaches to any seatbelt by using velcro. I am a career Firefighter/ EMT and finding new solutions to our everyday problems is my mission.

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Product Details

This device is made out of a bright vibrant yellow fabric for comfort and makes it easy to notice. Every time that you unbuckle your seatbelt, the Backseat Belt Buddy will be in your hand reminding you to check your back seat. Bells have been placed inside of the Backseat Belt Buddy to add a ringing sound when seatbelt is removed for an extra reminder.Velcro strips have been added to allow for easy attachment on any seatbelt.

Product Selling Benefits

This can help put an end to unnecessary deaths that are caused by forgetting children, parents and animals alone in vehicles.
This is a very simple solution for very minimal price and can be sold and installed in every vehicle in the United States.

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