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Chocberry Kreations Dipping Tray

Say goodbye to hand dipping and say hello to Chocberry Kreations Dipping Tray. It's a simple yet versatile product that will allow you to make a variety of chocolate covered strawberries without going through the messy process of hand dipping each strawberry in chocolate. This product will allow you to make a variety of chocolate dipped fruits as well as no bake desserts, chocolate truffles and much more! Just pour, dip, and set and get ready to impress the ones you love.

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Product Details

Chocberry Kreations Dipping Tray allows you to be your own chocolatier and allows you to be creative with making unique chocolate covered strawberries. You can add different mix ins and toppings leaving virtually no mess or clean up!

Each Dipping Tray consists of 13 strawberry shaped pockets which consists of large, medium and small pockets in order to accommodate the various shapes of strawberries that come in a container. Each Dipping Tray also comes with a card with instructions as well as a illustration that will allow you to measure each strawberry. By using the illustration it will help you to determine with size cup to use to find the perfect match. Once you determine the appropriate cup to use you can start creating!

First, melt the chocolate and pour the chocolate up to each fill line. If you love chocolate you are free to pour above the fill line. Once you pour the chocolate then add your toppings (chopped nuts, sprinkles, coconut shavings, etc.). After you've completed this step then dip your strawberry in the chocolate and put in the fridge to set. Once the chocolate has set, then pop them out and enjoy!

Product Selling Benefits

Chocberry Kreations Dipping Tray is an easy to use product that has lots of benefits. Our Dipping Tray it will allow you not make perfect and unique chocolate covered strawberries in the comfort of your own home. You can make them in half the time than you would with making it the traditional way, which is hand dipping each strawberry. Another great benefit is that is mess free! You will be able to make perfect chocolate covered strawberries without worrying about getting chocolate drizzles everywhere.

Some other great benefits:
- Non-stick food grade silicone
-Easy clean up
-Allows you to be more creative
-Makes other desserts (i.e. chocolate covered bananas, no bake desserts, chocolate truffles etc.)
-Dishwasher friendly
-Fun Activity for the kids

Products Specs

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