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The PINIT is a securing combination which includes a pin with an oversized head (top) and a cap designed to fit snugly over the pin point (tip) after the pin has been used to join multiple layers of a material or fabric. The pin head may be of a variety of decorative shapes and designs to provide a decorative nature in addition to its securing function. The PINIT shown here is a clear, round,marble sized head.

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Product Details

Pinit is a decorative PIN used to secure items together and hold them in place such as a scarf to clothing or ribbon to ribbon, garlands together, fabric covering an item, securing an opening, closing a "gap", holding duvet filler in duvet cover, holding rolled sleeve in place, holding stove towel on stove door, etc
PINIT has multiple uses with no need to hide the PINIT as you would a safety pin.

Product Selling Benefits

The PINIT offers so many uses that would allow it to be sold in multiple venues such as craft, sewing, decor, & party/event stores. Crafters will find it very useful for temporary "holding" while making an item or as a peranent holding mechanism. Sewing uses are numerous as well. A pillow cover can be attached with PINIT in just minutes with NO sewing, draperies can be shortened with no cutting, sewing or change to original length, duvet insert can be held in place with no bunching; easily inserted into fabrics from outside, drapes held in place with PINIT, shower curtain hook replaced with PINIT-- no need to purchase new set if one breaks, decorate for Holidays using PINIT to make bows, wreaths, hold ornaments on pillows, etc. PINIT is very convenient when wearing scarves, wraps & shawls when no hooks or buttons available to hold them on, replace a missing button, change-up a skirt by cinching up and pinning with PINIT for a "different" look, decorate a beach hat with PINIT, use PINIT to decorate a sheet for children's Halloween costume. Unlike the safety pin, PINIT looks decorative and can be seen while being used to hold or attach items together. PINIT has been called "the 21st Century Safety Pin". PINIT is unique and offers many solutions to consumer problems while filling a "need". The market has nothing available with the varied uses of the PINIT that can be seen while in use without any detrimental issue. These are only a few of the many benefits that PINIT offers.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:None
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:100 - 500
Suggested Retail Price:$9.99
Wholesale Price:$4.50
Estimated Cost/Unit:$2.46
Minimum Order/Units:N/A
Prior Sales Activity:Have sold approximately 150 packs containing 6 PINITS per pack at price of $9.99. Only attended
one local trade show, other sales from word of mouth. Wholesale price cannot be quoted as manufacture cost is tied to number of units produced. We understand the retailer must double their cost for retail and we can make this work at $9.99 for pack of 6 PINITS.

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