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Trash Can Splasher

Trash Can Splasher are soon to be a common household product. Trash Can Splasher protect the wall wherever you store your trash can in a corner, near the door, next to the refrigerator etc.., that area requires constant cleaning! With a trash can splasher you can keep any area clean. Splashers are light weight machine and hand washable and hang with the install 3" grommets (similar to a shower curtain). Trash Can Splashers are designed with light weight indoor outdoor fabric for vibrant colors and long term exposure to wear and tear.

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Product Details

My product are offered in three different sizes small med and large. Each size fit the standard trash cans commonly used in kitchen.

Product Selling Benefits

My product transform a dull unclean kitchen space into a vibrant clean space.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Patent[s] are pending
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:N/A
Suggested Retail Price:N/A
Wholesale Price:N/A
Estimated Cost/Unit:$2.50 To $4.00
Minimum Order/Units:50
Prior Sales Activity:I have sold many of my products to the public via shows , women's groups and home shows.

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