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Fizzwizz cleaning tablets and wipes are an on the go cleaning solution for baby bottles and sippy cups. Just drop an all natural effervescent cleaning tablet in a baby bottle or sippy cup, add water, shake and rinse. Use the wipes to clean the outside of the bottle and nipple. In under a minute you have clean baby bottle anywhere and without the mess.

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Product Details

FizzWizz are all natural cleaning tablets made from all plant and mineral based ingredients. It's patented formula was developed to specifically target dairy and sugary products.When FizzWizz dissolves, the effervescence and shaking action creates a foam that sneaks its way into all the nooks and crannies that your dishwasher and bottle brush can’t go. It leaves behind no film or grit and provides a deep down clean. It doesn't mask odors it gets rid of them and leaves your baby bottles and sippy cups fresh and squeaky clean.

Product Selling Benefits

From dirty to clean in under a minute
Use on trips, or at restaurants, parks, malls, cruises, airplanes, or anywhere on the go or at home. You just need a FizzWizz tablet and a small amount of waters
Don't throw those expensive baby bottle or sippy cups away because of a bad odor. Fizzwizz cleaning tablets can salvage those bottles and save you money.100% all natural, premium food grade ingredients
Lab Tested for efficacy and toxicity. It’s safe and effective!
Specifically formulated to target milk, juice, saliva and germs
Completely brush-less cleaning
Cleansing and odor busting patented technology literally removes all odors and any underlying cause of smell.
Unlike dish soap or dishwashers, no chemical smells are left behind.
Pediatrician Approved

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Utility patent issued
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:1000+
Suggested Retail Price:$9.99 To $11.99
Wholesale Price:$4.00 To $5.00
Estimated Cost/Unit:$2.00 To $2.50
Minimum Order/Units:24
Prior Sales Activity:We are currently selling online at amazon. We are also selling to other online retailers and a few brick and mortars. Our online retailers have listed our products online at Walmart among other channels. We have sold approximately 2500 30 count cleaning tablets and 3000 wipes.

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