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Pressa Bottle

Pressa Bottle is the only water bottle that allows you to Twist and Press fruit into your water to create what we call pressed water. This is done using our patent pending press inside the bottle.

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Product Details

Value is provided to customers by creating naturally flavoured water, second to none. No faint flavour of fruit in your water, with Pressa Bottle you are in complete control of the taste of your water. The product itself is very fun to use for both adults and children. Crushing the fruit inside is both satisfying and rewarding. The product is constructed from the highest quality plastic, meaning it can be used to press lemon into a hot tea. The simplistic design is something Jesse and Luke strived for with the product, something with functional attributes that could sit on a desk at school or work without looking out of place. The design is also thin enough to fit in most car cup holders unlike our competitors and the easy open snap lid makes accessing your flavoured water very easy. The unique functional attributes deliver flavoured water unique in the market, giving us a competitive advantage over our competitors. Jesse and Luke filed for a patent which will slow competitors down who try to mimic Pressa Bottleā€™s design, allowing the company to be first to market which will have a great advantage in securing market share. There may be other ways to compress fruit inside a bottle but it will be hard to generate enough power to crush fruit to the extent Pressa Bottle can.

Product Selling Benefits

- Unique press allows to press fruit flavour into your water
-Easy and fun to use
- BPA free Tritan plastic Lid
-Available in glass and plastic
-Protective silicone sleeve available
- Dishwasher friendly
-Trending Colours

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Patent[s] are pending
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:1000+
Suggested Retail Price:$22.99 To $29.99
Wholesale Price:$15.57 To $18.66
Estimated Cost/Unit:N/A
Minimum Order/Units:500
Prior Sales Activity:Pressa Bottle was crowdfunded through Kickstarter selling over 1000 bottles with limited marketing. Some retailers have expressed interest and are currently reviewing samples. Pressa Bottle will be present at the Ambiente Show as well as the International housewares show in Chicago.

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