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Cameleon Hardware

Creating custom hardware for your home is EASY with Cameleon Hardware! Customizable handles and knobs with a patented interchangeable design plate allow you to create custom hardware for any season or any reason, and quickly change the design in seconds. One handle, Many possibilities.

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Product Details

Cameleon Hardware are customizable, changeable, colorful handles and knobs. Each pull is made of solid, rust resistant, anodized aluminum and is available in 8 different colors. This hardware is unique in that it lets the consumer create custom hardware by simply gluing anything they desire, to the removable design plate. The removable design plate can then be easily replaced with another personalized plate by using a common Allen wrench. This gives the consumer many possibilities for decorating, communicating, or expressing themselves, again and again. Cameleon Hardware are designed to be economical and earth friendly pulls that can be used repeatedly and indefinitely with a smaller impact on Mother earth. There are many ways to use Cameleon Hardware, such as 1) Now anyone can have custom hardware in their home, as this has always been an expensive accessory and wasn’t usually an option for the average consumer. 2) Handles and knobs can be used together, to make new and exciting ideas, such as exclamation marks or a continuous design around a room. 3) They can incorporate visual and learning aids for all skill and age levels, by simply adding photos, words or Braille. They can greatly benefit those with visual or mental challenges or simply have difficulty remembering. 4) Artists and crafter's can create their own line of hardware, putting art where hardware used to be, 5) Knobs can be used for hooks, tufting or mounting on a wall for a 3-D design, 6) Handles can be used as content identifiers for drawers, lockers or cupboards, 7) Renters can create their own hardware that will easily move with them. 8) Creating customized hardware is a simple project for all age and skill levels, allowing children to create personalized hardware to match their changing interests, 9) Advertisers can use these as new real estate for marketing.

Product Selling Benefits

Cameleon Hardware is also considered a "Green" alternative to the everyday hardware. The aluminum used is recycled and the design plate will ultimately be made from recycled candy wrappers The packaging is minimal and the bag biodegradable.

This product could generate 1) kits with all the components of specific hardware designs, 2) "how to" books, 3) and pre-made design plates for all of those that are not crafty. Creating ready to use designs, that can easily be changed to celebrate holidays, special occasions, hobbies, themes and the latest decorating trends will be the most profitable component of this product, and the possibilities are endless. Cameleon Hardware has been designed to be a Green product as well as being versatile, customizable, and made to last for many years.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Utility patent issued
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:501 - 1000
Suggested Retail Price:$14.99 To $19.99
Wholesale Price:$8.01 To $11.22
Estimated Cost/Unit:$4.71 To $6.60
Minimum Order/Units:100
Prior Sales Activity:Website sales and Amazon Sales

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