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Get Real! a reality project for teenagers

Get Real! is a workbook project created a high school teacher and single mother of 3 to help her children make the major decisions in life regarding education, finances, career planning, etc. Developed over a decade with input from thousands of students, Get Real! takes teens on a journey of self-discovery, information from the REAL world and lessons for planning their future.

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Product Details

Get Real! is 200 pages of lessons and activities created to help teens learn about themselves, the real world they will be maturing into, and opportunities to think about their future in multiple ways. They reflect, read, write and plan their own futures. While doing so, they find the value of their high school education and see how it is the foundation for their future options.

Product Selling Benefits

Unique , teacher and mother created, up to date information on finances, cost of living, education and employment connections, future job markets, etc. that is difficult for parents to gather on their own. It is student, youth friendly through input from thousands of students over a decade.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
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Prior Sales Activity:on-line sales approximately 5,000

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