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Dr. Copper water Bottle

Features Features: WORLD`S 1st SEAMLESS COPPER BOTTLE Eco-Friendly: This product is environment friendly and has many medical benefits and is scientifically proved. Our product has many natural benefits and doesn't contain any chemicals that would harm the health of consumers. So our bottle is the alternative for the regularly used plastic water bottles which tend to cause Cancer. Even our product is renewable and is an initiative of the campaign. Is this leak proof? Yes it is..there is small plastic washer placed under the cap to hold .

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Product Details

1.Copper has many antimicrobial properties. Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registered copper as the only solid surface material to kill bacteria that may pose a threat to human health.

2. What exactly happens when you store water in a copper vessel?

When water is stored in a copper vessel overnight or for over eight hours, a small amount of copper ions gets dissolved into the water.

This process is called Oligodynamic effect which has the ability to destroy wide range of harmful microbes, molds, fungi etc.

Once you have bought it, rinse it out thoroughly with water. Then fill it with water and cover it. Let the water rest for 6 hours (minimum) to 8 hours (maximum) and then drink it.

3. You can follow this ancient Ayurvedic practice:

Keep water in a copper vessel overnight by your bedside and drink this water first thing in the morning when you wake up.

This particular practice is very useful in stimulating your bowel movements in the morning.

This practice will keep your digestive system very healthy and set your metabolism for rest of the day.

4.You will feel very refreshed and light everyday.



Fill the bottle with hot water Put some lemon juice and hot water in bottle Leave the bottle for few minutes After sometime shake it well rinse away the water from bottle.


Do not use scrubber/chemicals to clean the bottle outside.

Don't use the bottle for storage other than water Do not deep fridge the bottle.

Product Selling Benefits

good for the society because it has bery good health benefits
People can start using copper bottles instead of plastic bottles which are not good for health

For travelljng purpose people can use these bottles instead of plastic bottles

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Looking for retail or wholesale companies to purchase direct from them
Patent / IP Status:None
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:1000+
Suggested Retail Price:$24.00 To $25.00
Wholesale Price:$20.00 To $21.00
Estimated Cost/Unit:N/A
Minimum Order/Units:600
Prior Sales Activity:Good sales Amaxon and local stores

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